Bathroom Renovation Series: Which is better a shower or a bathtub?

Bathroom renovation in Norman

Are you planning a big bathroom renovation this year? If so, you’re probably brainstorming exactly what you need to make your vision come to life. To help, we’ve outlined some pros and cons so you can decide which is better: a shower or a bathtub.

What’s Your Preference?

In addition to logistics and space, you’ll have to choose what you prefer. At the end of the day, you have to have a space that you enjoy and that fits your lifestyle. Here are a few key features to consider while you make the decision.

Showers are Eco-friendly

Baths are great, but they use more water than showers. Like, a lot of water. If you have multiple people getting in and out of tubs, you are looking at between 30 and 40 gallons each time. For a family of four, that’s over 100 gallons of water!

The average American uses about 17 gallons to take a shower, so water usage will be much lower.

There are also options for water-efficient shower heads, so you can reduce your bill and lower your ecological footprint. You won't even notice the missing water until you see the reduced cost on your bill.

Showers are Easier for Individuals with Mobility Challenges

If you are looking for a quick rinse after a long day at work or a workout at the gym, a shower can be the best place to go. Not only are baths a big time investment but also a slip hazard for individuals with mobility challenges.

If the bathroom is going to be used by someone older, getting in and out of a tub is even more difficult. A shower, on the other hand, is a cinch; just open the door and walk in.

Showers Require Less Space

A full-size bathtub can take up a lot of space in a small room. If your bathroom is smaller than most, choosing a shower is a no brainer.

While some showers can take up a similar footprint, they can be small enough for standing room only. Taking up half the space of a tub leaves plenty of room for the rest of the bathroom.

Bathtubs are Better for Children

Let's face it, telling a child to take a shower is a nearly impossible feat. Showering a young child is as hilarious as it is useless.

A bath is much more suited to younger children as it allows them a calmer environment to clean off and play a little.

Bathtubs are an Oasis

If you start to draw your bath and finish up the last of the evening chores, you can return to a private oasis where you relax in the warmth for as long as you like.

Sure, it uses a bit of water, but you’ve worked hard, and you deserve a little rest and relaxation.

Plus, how are you supposed to lay back and relax in a shower? No way are you going to let a shower run for 30 minutes or longer if you have a water heater big enough to do that.

Admit it; you want to take a long hot bath now, don’t you?

What’s Your Budget and the Space Available?

While your preferences are a big component of a bathroom renovation, you also have to consider what is realistic for the space available and the budget you’re willing to invest.

Budget is a Key Factor

There are many variables affecting the cost of a bathroom renovation. On average, a new bathtub installation will cost more than a shower installation. If you plan on doing any sort of custom work during installation, that’ll increase the price. The quality of the materials will also increase the price.

You Have to Work with the Space

Clearly, you can’t install a bigger bathtub or shower into a space where it won’t fit. Make sure you spend some time with your contractor to learn what is realistic and what isn’t.

You’ll also have to be ready for any plumbing expenses if you’re planning on putting your bathtub or shower in a new location in the home or even just reformatting your current bathroom.

During this big project, you’ll have to make many important decisions beyond choosing a bathtub or shower. We’ve created a helpful guide to get you started. Download your FREE copy today.