Bathroom Renovation Series: Everything You Need to Know About a New Toilet

How to replace a toilet

Details matter during a bathroom renovation. Arguably, the most important feature is the toilet. So, in this blog, we’re going two walk through the process of choosing the throne for your home.

In addition, we’ll outline some signs it might be time to replace your toilet, and how to avoid some plumbing mishaps during your big renovation.

How to know if your toilet needs replaced?

A general rule of thumb is to compare the way your toilet works to other toilets you have used. For instance, if you notice the flush speed is slow or your tank takes longer than normal to refill, it’s probably a good idea to look into replacement options. Keep track of your toilet’s performance and note any issues you find.

Also take note of the appearance of your toilet, such as corrosion inside the bowl or around the base of the floor. During renovations, sometimes appearance takes precedence over functionality.


What type of toilet is best for you?

A wide range of options make it convenient to find a toilet which suits your style and budget. Technology has advanced to incorporate energy efficiency, as well as high end options such as automatic flushing or heated toilet seats.

Bowl shapes vary as well, so do some research while keeping the preferences and needs of your family in mind.

The flushing ability is important to keep in mind when making your purchase. Product testing has revealed the differences in the way a toilet flushes can have an impact on maintenance, durability, and how long your toilet bowl will stay clean.

Two types of toilets are available, gravity-feed, and pressure assisted. Gravity-feed toilets are the most popular. This model depends on gravity to extract the waste. Pressure-assisted systems apply pressure to flush, but are the least popular due to cost and the amount of water pressure needed for them to operate.

How do you find which dimensions are needed?

You should get the dimensions closest to the toilet which is currently installed. This isn't listed on the toilet itself, so it’s a safe bet to find your own measurements. This is done by measuring the distance from the wall to the bolts which secure the toilet to the floor. It should typically measure 12 inches, but different models are available in 10 inch and 14 inch.

The height of the toilet is based on preference. Most families prefer a higher standing toilet for ease in standing up and sitting down. You can also choose your bowl circumference and shape.


Double check to see if you have the supplies needed

Standard tools are needed to install a new toilet. Based on the condition of your previous system, you may need to purchase a new closet flange to replace the old one. This is essential for the installation and performance of your new toilet. They typically don't come with the toilet when purchased, so pay attention to the packaging to see if they are included.

Wax rings should be replaced with each new toilet installation. Their purpose is to prevent leaks and keep sewer gas from escaping. A variety of styles are available including rubber reusable rings.

Below is a short list of essential supplies needed to install your toilet:

●     Adjustable Wrench

●     Putty Knife

●     Silicone Caulk / Plumbers Putty

●     Closet Flange (if needed)

●     Wax Ring


It would be helpful to have someone with you when installing your toilet. They will be able to assist with lifting the old toilet and helping to align the new one. The old toilet will have water remaining in the tank. This will need to be drained, so a bucket will also be helpful along with a sponge to help clean any spills.


When to hire a professional

If you feel uneasy about replacing a new toilet yourself, it would be best to call a professional, and we’re highly experienced with plumbing projects of all types including toilet replacements.

The steps involved can be complicated, and certain problems might go undetected without proper knowledge. We’d love to consult or help during your next bathroom renovation. Call us today at 405.237.1414, we’re available 24/7 to help with all your plumbing needs.

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