Rental Renovation Guide: Trendy Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures


If you want to maximize your rental income, you need to keep the property modern, functional and aesthetically pleasing to potential tenants.

New paint is always helpful at making every room look fresh and clean, but what other renovation projects would give you the most bang for your buck? Your kitchen and bathroom really provide the biggest “wow” factor, which makes these rooms the best place to start and focus your efforts.

Think about fixtures, sinks and plumbing. How can you make these areas really eye-catching and stunning?



No one wants to spend time taking showers, shaving or putting on makeup in a grungy bathroom. There are a few strategies to transform a normal bathroom into an extraordinary room in the home. 

Install a freestanding bathtub

Shoving a shower curtain to one side of the bathtub, and trying to find the best direction to lay doesn’t feel as relaxing as soaking in a stand alone tub sitting near a window or accent wall.

There is just something luxurious about retreating to a large tub to melt the daily stress away. This upgrade will attract tenants may have long hours at work and just need a good place to put their feet up for an hour or two.

Build a bathtub-shower combination

Similar to a freestanding bathtub is the bathtub-shower combination. At first, this may sound like the traditional bathtub and shower in a bathroom, but it is actually much different.

This upgrade uses the concept of a freestanding bathtub and pairs it with a shower head to make the space easier to clean. Close off a portion of the bathroom with sealed glass doors. Then, put a shower head with a drain in the floor on one side, and a free standing bathtub on the other side.

This option provides the functionality of the traditional bath and shower combination with the spa-like qualities of a stand alone bath. The uniqueness of the feature serves as a cherry on top to really help you stand out from the other rental properties in the area.

Change a vanity to include vessel sinks

Vessel sinks are a bit of controversy. Some people love the look of a basin sitting on top of the vanity rather than the traditional “drop-in” sink, and others hate it.

This may seem like a scary addition to a bathroom because you don’t want to scare away potential renters, but it is a way to offer something different. With the right strategy, a vessel sink can add a designer touch to the room without being gaudy or dated.

Update to modern faucets

The faucet fixtures will date a room faster than any other feature. If your sink is 20-years-old, then the room will look 20-years-old (and not in a cool, vintage way either). There is nothing quite like plastic hot and cold handles and a short spout to scream “I’m from the 90s.” What’s better?

Try faucets with an edgy design like a rectangular opening on the top rather than typical circular opening at the bottom of the spout with a vessel sink. Other options could include one-handle faucets, stainless steel or wall-mounted faucets. Visit a local hardware store and browse the fixture sections to figure out what would work best in your rental house. 

Use eco-friendly showerheads

Everyone loves to spend less on utility bills. Consider installing water-efficient showerheads or faucets. A typical showerhead will use five to eight gallons of water a minute, but an eco-friendly option will use half the amount of water for the same relaxing hot shower. Sensor sinks will also save gallons of water by turning off when someone is brushing their teeth or done washing their hands.



The style and feel of a bedroom or living space is easy to change with the right furniture and artwork. However, much like the bathroom, the kitchen fixtures may need an upgrade to pull the space into the 21st century.

Install an apron sinks

Apron Sink or farmhouse sink sits deeper than traditional options. Originally, these were installed to hold large amounts of water because running water wasn’t yet a commodity. These sinks offer the same convenience with a new modern flair. It’s also easier to clean countertops and giant bowls and pots.

Use touch sensitive faucets

These trendy faucets make little tasks super convenient, like washing your hands after cutting raw chicken without contaminating everything.

It’s easy to go basic when you are renovating a rental property, but these little extras make all the difference when someone is deciding where to consider home.

Upgrade to eco-friendly faucets

Just like the bathroom, your tenants will love the ability to save money on utility bills because you use water saving faucets. The EPA reports that eco-friendly faucets will save nearly 3,000 gallons of water annually.

Change the countertops to include an integrated sink

For a really luxurious touch in the kitchen, consider installing an integrated sink.  This option provides a simple, elegant and modern look that will surely raise the value of your property. These countertops are pretty easy to install and even easier to clean.

The sinks, faucets and countertops have the ability to raise or lower the price of your rental property. Take the time and effort to make a better home by improving the little things that matter a lot to potential renters.

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