These Drain Mistakes Will Cost You!


Don’t ignore the signs of a clogged drain. They're hard to miss, like standing in ankle deep water halfway through your daily shower. Maybe you notice a faint but foul odor emanating from your kitchen sink, or drainage finally slowing to stop.

If you pretend there isn’t a problem, you could be paying a hefty plumbing bill to fix a bigger issue in the future. What common mistakes are you making now?


Mistake 1: Failing to invest in the right tools

Some drainage problems are an emergency. If you don’t keep practical tools in the house, you could be paying to fix water damage. What are the basic supplies you should keep in stock?

  • A plunger - you probably have one for the bathroom, but do you have a smaller one for the sink?

  • A drainage snake - this comes in handy when the plunger is not effective.

  • A basin wrench and pipe wrench can save the day if you find yourself fighting stubborn blockage. It allows you to remove debris manually.

  • Plumbers tape can help you complete those small projects like changing a showerhead. It creates a better seal.


Mistake 2: Overusing (or misusing) drain cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners are certainly helpful, but they shouldn’t be the first solution every time you have a drainage problem.

Sure, they will help break down the clog, but it can also cause future issues as they work to weaken the pipe. Furthermore, the chemicals are highly toxic, bad for the environment and they can react violently with other chemicals in your drain.

Misuse could result in costly pipe replacement projects. Your first option should always be a plunger or snake. If the problem is especially hard to solve, don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber.


Mistake 2: Not using a hair catcher on the shower drain

We all shed a little hair in the shower. Over time, hair can create a big problem in the drain. An inexpensive bathroom hair stopper can save you big on hassle and money.

It’s surprising how much hair it keeps out of the drain. Toss the hair in the trash after every few showers, and you won’t be stuck snaking the drain every couple months.


Mistake 4: Spending too much time on the defensive

The best strategy is to prevent costly drainage problem before it happens. The easiest step is to avoid dumping grease or large food items down the sink. It also helps to regularly pour hot water down the drain to dislodge any buildup. Finally, examine the pipes under the sink for any problems like rust or small leaks.


Mistake 5: Delaying calling in the professionals

If you use every tool in your house to solve a drainage problem but it keeps coming back, then it is time to call in the professionals. Never contacting an expert could cost you by allowing the issue to worsen.


Pipes carry water to your home and waste away from it, so it’s important to keep everything moving smoothly. At BL3 Plumbing, we can help you fix mistakes and protect your pipes from future damage. For more information, download the ultimate guide to clogged drains or call us (405) 895-6640.