Clogged Drain? 5 Practical Tips to Fix It Fast

Clogged Drain? 5 Practical Tips to Fix It Fast.jpg

We’ve all been there. The sink starts to take a little longer to drain. The water starts to pool around your feet in the shower. Unpleasant odors begin to creep into your home. Then, all of a sudden, your drain is completely clogged. If you don’t do something soon, your pipes might burst or worse – you can't use your bathroom.

The first thing you do is remove the excess hair and gunk that has built up on the surface of the drain. Then, you try running water to see if it unclogs itself. But, what if this doesn't work? In these situations, you need to get creative to unclog your drain without spending a lot of money. Here are five quick tips to fix your clogged drains and fast.


1. Run the Disposal

Sometimes, it’s not your drain that’s clogged but the garbage disposal. Before doing anything, run your garbage disposal and check if that clears your clog. This will save you from more time-consuming solutions.


2. Boiling Water

If you find that running the disposal doesn't help, try pouring boiling water as a quick way to fix a clogged drain. Make sure that the water is boiling, not just hot. It’s only when the water is boiling that organic matter is dissolved.

Here are some warnings to consider:

  • Don't use boiling water if you have PVC pipes. The heat could loosen their joints.

  • Don’t pour boiling water directly onto a porcelain sink bowl. It may crack! Always pour the water directly down the drain using a kettle or pot.


3. The Vinegar Solution

Sometimes, boiling water isn’t enough to clear a sink. Simply adding a combination of vinegar and baking soda will make a concoction that can unclog your drains.

  1. Pour half a box of baking soda down your drain.

  2. Pour half a cup of vinegar down the sink.

  3. Immediately cover the sink with a drain cover/stopper.

  4. Wait 30 minutes then pour the boiling water down the drain.

 This combination of vinegar and baking soda is the same one that kids often use to create a volcanic reaction for their science projects. The same reaction can help clear a clogged sink. 


4. Plunger

If these combinations aren’t successful, find a household plunger. If you have a double sink, seal off the second with a wet rag or stopper. To create a tight seal between the plunger and the sink, fill the side you intend to plunge with enough water to cover the bell of the blunger. Next, plunge your sink until you hear a suctioning sound. If the clog is gone, rinse out your drain with warm water to clean up.


5. Wire Hangers

Unravel a wire hanger until it’s straight. Then, bend one end of the wire into a hook. Remove the drain cover and push the hanger into the drain. Next, twist the hanger until you can grab the clog and remove it. Make sure to clean your sink out with warm water after finishing.

In Summary

When you have a clogged drain, it can be tiresome for everybody in the household. That’s why finding quick ways to cheaply unclog your drains is important. Unfortunately, these solutions don’t always work like we want them to. When nothing you do seems to unclog your sink you can always rely on BL3 Plumbing to save the day. We’re here 24/7 for all of your plumbing needs!


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