13 Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Have on Hand

Plumbing Tools for any home

If you are a new homeowner or are just new to the DIYer scene, there is a list of tools that can make your life a lot easier.  Plungers, pliers, duct tape and more, here are the 13 plumbing tools every homeowner should have on hand.


1. Plungers


That's right; you are going to need a couple of plungers.  A flange plunger is the upgraded plunger you use to clear a clogged toilet.  The old school cup plunger is good for less dirty applications like clearing a tub or sink.

2. Hand Auger


Plunger not clearing the clog as well as you want?  There is another solution to get things flowing again. Used on tubs, showers, and drains, the hand auger will grab hair and debris out.  You will need to get a special toilet auger since a hand auger could damage the porcelain.


3. Basin Wrench


If you have a spot that is a bit of a reach?  The long handle on the basin wrench will work on faucets to tighten or loosen those that are back out of the way.


4. Pipe Wrench


A true plumbing staple, the pipe wrench has the heft you need to lock on to pipe fittings.  If you have any exposed pipes you want to maintain a finish on, wrapping the sharp teeth of the wrench with a cloth will help you keep from damaging them.


5. Adjustable Wrench


Used for more than just plumbing, the adjustable wrench will tighten down on any nut or bolt you have in your home to get the quick jobs done.  Most tool sets have multiple sizes, giving you a range of options for any project you might have.


6. Strap Wrench


A strap wrench is a great way to get around damaging the surface of a pipe like a pipe wrench, especially for those projects that don't deal with high-pressure water.  Wrap the strap around the pipe or fixture, tighten and twist!


7. Pliers


There are many different types of pliers out there, and every one of them can help with plumbing.  If you have a pair of needle nose pliers, though, you will find they work well on smaller fittings.  Plus, they have the added benefit of clearing hair out of a shower or tub drain without getting the hand auger out.


8. Hacksaw


For the extreme do-It-yourselfer, the hacksaw will cut through PVC pipe like a hot knife through butter, and with some effort and a blade change, through your metal pipes as well. 


9. Thread Tape


This one is a must have for anyone.  Teflon thread tape is typically supplied with new plumbing fixtures, but it can be handy if you make any alterations.  The thin white tape should be wrapped on the male end of the threads in a clockwise fashion to ensure a tight seal.


10. Duct Tape


Any DIYer needs to have a roll or two of duct tape on hand.  A good, quality roll can really help you keep things together in a pinch.  NASA included it in every Apollo mission, and it helped keep the crew of Apollo 13 alive.  While it may not help you construct a makeshift air scrubber, it could keep a leak from becoming a flood until you can get things properly fixed.


11. Plumbers Putty


If you have a low-pressure situation, plumbers’ putty is an easy to apply alternative to a roll of duct tape.  Just slap it on to create a great water-resistant seal.


12. Caulk Gun and Caulk


For more permanent watertight solutions, a caulk gun loaded with caulk or silicone can be your best friend. Wrapping the cut tip with a piece of duct tape can help keep the contents ready to use later on.


13. Emergency Toilet Paper


The most important plumbing tool used in every home, the bad thing is it can run out at the most inopportune time.  Take the stress away by keeping a special stash of emergency TP hidden away.


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