8 Signs You Need a Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair

Wear and tear on a home is normal. Many weekends all over the state are dedicated to home upkeep and repairs. Fixing broken things in your house comes with home ownership. When your sewer lines need repair, it’s always best to tackle the project now, not later.

The purpose of clearing away sewage waste away from home is to ensure unhealthy microorganisms are cleared from your living space. But, if something should happen and those microorganisms are allowed to linger, you may suffer as a result. There are a few signs to keep an eye out for to determine if you are in need of a sewer repair.


1. Sewage Smell

One of the first big tells of a damaged sewer line is a persistent odor in and around your home. This odor can linger outside your home on a calm day. The nauseating smell may not be noticeable by you at first, but your neighbors may catch wind of it.


2. Soggy Yard

In the summer heat and dry winters, your yard shouldn’t be mushy. If you are finding wet spots in your yard several days or more after a good rain, you may be facing some deeper issues.

A damaged sewer line can leak liquids into the surrounding soil. This can over saturate the earth and cause the water to rise to the surface. If the water is near your sewer or septic systems, it’s a certain sign that you need a sewer repair.


3. Greener Grass

Its normal to want a greener yard. If you are out watering the grass, you may have the envy of the neighborhood.

What if you aren’t watering your grass, but it is still greener on your side? Odds are it's not a benevolent neighbor watering your grass for you.

A damaged sewer line can leak nutrients into the surrounding soil as well as liquids. This acts as hydration and fertilizer for your yard. The downside is that raw sewage can be a health hazard for anyone playing in and around your yard. While the green grass may be nice, the dangers hiding behind a damaged sewer line are real.


4. Slow Drains

How many times have you tried to clean out a clogged drain with gel cleaners, only to have the problem persist? Drain cleaners work well on clogs, but if you aren’t facing a clog, you may have other issues on your hands.

A damaged sewer line can prevent the liquids in your home from clearing the lines. Blockages in the lines can restrict the flow and even be blocked by solids in the system. By repairing the lines, you open up the system to freely flow away from your home, saving you time and drain cleaner.


5. Sewage Backups

One of the worst experiences is coming home from a great weekend away to find the toilets, tubs and sinks drained out onto your floors.

This is a sure sign that there is damage to the sewer system in and around your home. While cleanup is a mess, it is critical to get someone out to repair the damage to the sewer lines to prevent the catastrophe from happening to you again.


6. Mold Problems

Mold can bring with it all sorts of issues for your health and your home. It can cause sickness and persistent allergy-like symptoms. It is unsightly on your walls and floors. Plus, it is difficult to get rid of.

If you are struggling with a mold problem, the cause may lie in your sewer system. If a line is damaged, the particles can be a source of nutrition for the mold in your home, causing it to grow and spread. Tackle the mold at its source.


7. Foundation Cracks

For years your home has stood strong against anything and everything Mother Nature can throw at it. While wind and rain can cause surface level damage, a damaged sewer line can weaken your foundation.

Water leaking from a damaged line can erode away the soil around and under your home. Over time this reduced the support for your home foundation. When this happens, you will start to notice stress fractures on your walls around your door and window frames.

Repairing the foundation isn’t the only solution, You have to get the sewer lines repaired as well, or you will face further problems on top of foundation problems.


8. Persistent Pest Problems

Moles love healthy vegetation and create holes for other vermin to travel in relative safety. Mice and rats can get to your home and cause havoc in your pantry.

Insects too love a buffet, and a damaged sewer line creates a healthy environment for nasty critters to get into your home. If you see an increase in spiders in your home, it is because there is plenty of food for them to catch. Mouse and rat droppings around your home may be a sign that they are in your home too. Do you dare shine a light in the perpetual dark corners of your garage or closets?

Hiring an exterminator is a good first step, but tackling the problem at the source is the only way to ensure that your home is safe from unwanted house guests.

If you think you have a problem with your sewer system, then it’s time to give us a call. We can ensure you don’t have a stinky summer. Call us at 405.895.6640.