The 5 Most Common Plumbing Problems in Summer


The sun’s out, the sprinklers are set. It’s finally time to kick off that summer pool party.

At least — that’s what you thought.

You turn on the sprinklers only to be greeted with a low, defeated hum. You dash to the kitchen to take of leftovers and are startled by an angry, clogged disposal. Both hands reaching up towards your cheeks, “What is happening?!”


Okay, we may have amplified that a bit for dramatic effect. But you get the picture. 

While you’d assume the majority of plumbing issues to occur during the colder months, five are well-known summer culprits. And though you might not be able to forecast common plumbing problems, there are steps you can take in preventing (and even mitigating) the issue before having to call in the reinforcements. 

Keep reading to learn the five most common plumbing problems during summer and don’t let a leak ruin your outdoor fun!


1. Clogged Garbage Disposal

If you’re cooking out this summer, you’ll definitely need a working garbage disposal. Whether you’re getting rid of fruits or vegetables, stuffing down massive amounts of scraps can damage the blades in your disposal. 

Avoid pouring oils and grease down the drain if possible. You can also clear out debris by running cold water through your disposal before and after use. For a full list if items you shouldn’t put down the train, be sure and check out these 13 Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts.


2. Sewer Line Backup

Specific regions are prone heavier thunderstorms. Excessive rain has the ability to seep into your sewer pipes through cracks and crevices, causing the line to back up. If you notice any signs like a toilet backing up into the bathtub drain, give our BL3 team a call immediately. If you’re interested in prevention, installing a drain plug in each drain can help prevent water from backing up during storms.


3. Washing Machine Malfunction

Grass stains, chlorine mildew and more. Your washing machine will need to keep pace during spring and summer — especially if you have children home from school. To prevent flooding in your home (which can offset onset mold growth), move the machine out from the way and periodically check the hose for leaks. If you do need to replace the hose, opt for a stainless steel one, they’ll last much longer.


4. Clogged Toilet

Nothing stinks more than a clogged to — literally. Bathrooms are one of the most utilized spaces in the home. And since your fixtures are experiencing more use, they’re often susceptible to maintenance issues. Common clogs are easy to clear with a plunger but if you run into a more serious issue, don’t hesitate to contact us.


5. Sprinkler Issues

Keeping that lawn green and pristine? Broken sprinkler heads can waste water and even cause your grass to die. So before the season starts, inspect and clean your sprinkler head to avoid skyrocketing water bills. If your sprinkler head is broken, you can just take it into a hardware store and find a replacement. 


Whatever the plumbing issue, rest assured BL3 has your back. With our industry knowledge and experience, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners in Oklahoma get their home back in working order. For more tips and tricks, be sure and stay tuned for our next blog.

To learn more about our plumbing services and how we can help you tackle this summer maintenance projects, give us a call at (405) 895-6640.